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If you’ve ever taken a moment to stop and think, “Hm, I wonder what Becca Wolfe may be doing right at this moment,” then wonder no further because I’ve compiled a list of things I do regularly! Perhaps this will give you a sense of who I am…
Theorize why people do what they do • Organize virtual stuff so that they’re nice-looking and functional • Learn a new thing each day • Pet my two kittens and then watch them terrorize my possessions 🙂 🙁 • Clean cat hair off the living room rug • Listen to “weird” music, as they say • Acknowledge and counter my own personal biases • Google how to do something • Tell someone, “Hm, I’m not sure– just Google it” • Roll around with my jiu-jitsu buddies • Hone in on self-motivation strategies • Exercise and eat generous portions of food thereafter • Realize that “adulthood” isn’t synonymous for “perfection”

Work Bio.


What I love most is  to talk to people, to parse through their thoughts in order to truly understand what they need, and then bring their ideas to life. Whether it be a discussion, storyboard, site-map, or detailed composition, it all comes down to one principle: effective communication.
2014 – Present, Graphic Designer
Motografik, Fort Mill, SC

Here, I continue on honing my designing skills, beyond my last job, largely within the healthcare market. I’ve also had the opportunity to delve into a market that was at once completely foreign material: motorsports.

Over the years I (like most designers) have developed my preferred aesthetic or “style” with my work; but through designing for motorsports, a market in which is almost the complete opposite of “my style,” I learned some valuable lessons on what it really means to design. That is, how to research thoroughly and how to ask the right questions. I learned how to get comfortable with new interfaces and aesthetics and how to use the fundamental principles of design and web interaction in order to make a great user experience.

2012 – 2014, Intern / Art Director
Flashpoint Medica, New York, NY

Flashpoint Medica is a pharmaceutical advertising agency based in New York City. Here, I got some great medium-sized ad agency experience. I was able to design for both patients and health providers through various experiences like convention kiosks and physician and patient web portals. The new business pitches were a constant endeavor– to create a presentation that competes against other top Pharma ad agencies in NYC, is both challenging and exciting, to say the least.

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